To the “amazing” Amazing Flame team:

So here it is a day after our gas fireplace was serviced by Mike. I’m singing the praises of your company to my co-workers. I only wish I could get word out to my 55+ community (Potomac Green) that should any resident need their fireplace serviced they should call Amazing Flame.

Our story: I’ll keep it short. Our fireplace would not turn on. I reached out to a company and made an appointment for within a day or so. A fellow showed up, entered my house by walking directly past me and then just stood in front of our fireplace. I was very glad my husband was home because I had a very uneasy feeling. He didn’t put on protective booties and did not come in with a tool bag or any tools whatsoever. After removing both the screen and glass front, he “banged” a couple of things below. Stood up and told us “you need a heat module”. Now how did he make that determination? So how much will the heat module cost us I asked? $495. He says: Give me $150 which will cover today and be applied to the $495. Unfortunately I gave him the $150. Luckily, he did not have the replacement part on his truck. With the installation scheduled for the beginning of the following week and I my apprehension about the abilities of this man and his company, after speaking with my husband, we decided to look for another company.

Luckily I found Amazing Flame. We loved your web site and the bios provided assurances that you were specialists in fireplace repair. Dealing with Lenah was a pleasant experience. My husband was home when Mike arrived yesterday and also experienced confidence that we had make the right decision by cancelling the other company. We are so happy that now we are part of the Amazing Flame family. I wanted to post a testimonial on your site but couldn’t find how to do that. I will not hesitate using Amazing Flame for future service and repairs. Please share my email with Lenah and Mike. Flame on and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Clara and Don Helbringer
Ashburn, Virginia

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you guys did at our house. This is the first winter where we have been able to sit in our family room without a ‘breeze’ from the fireplace and lots of blankets. Even the bedrooms over the family room are a little warmer. Thanks again and happy holidays!!

Paul A., Northern Virginia

No more drafty fireplace! Amazing Flame worked on our fireplace last fall to help eliminate the drafts we had been experiencing for YEARS. I am pleased to report that their work has paid off! We are so happy that our fireplace is no much “tighter” and the drafts of the past are “the drafts of the past”. Thanks so much!

GM.W. Northern Virginia

My wife and I recently moved to a home with a gas fireplace and I could not get the pilot light lit. I randomly called Amazing Flame on a weekend, and before 9 AM on Monday, I received a return call. When I made my appointment I was given a time between 8 and 8:30 AM on a Friday. Scott called around 8:10 AM to tell me he was 10 minutes away. When he showed up he immediately impressed me by removing his shoes so as not to mar the hardwood floors. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and let me see what he was doing. For an extra charge he installed a remote control device–I love it! The whole visit was less than one hour. I would recommend Amazing Flame to anyone that needs their gas fireplace maintained or repaired, they are very professional and courteous.

P. Watts

Great local owned company. We had always wanted to have a blower installed in our 12 yr old gas fireplace but the estimates were over $650. One day at Home Depot I saw a vehicle with the Amazing Flame logo, so I wrote it down and called. What a difference right away. The lady who answered the phone was extremely polite and helpful. We received a quote that was just about 1/2 of the previous quotes we got from competitors. They gave us a window of time for the service. Service guy was right on time! he was very courteous and friendly. Seemed very honest when we had asked him a few questions related to yearly service and such. He was very neat and clean when performing the service. He vacuumed up and left it cleaner than when he got there. He was quick and provided us with instruction on how to operate the blower. We have used the blower ever since and are extremely satisfied.


Highly professional from start to finish. We purchased a home with 4 gas fireplaces that was a summer residence so the fireplaces had little/no use for the 12 years the original owners lived here and were in bad need of repair and maintenance. The original appointment was set for 3 weeks out which was good considering it was still in the dead of winter. Communication was good, technician arrived on time and was extremely clean and efficient. The work order mistakenly stated only two fireplaces but he managed to finish all 4. His education during the process was much appreciated and highly valuable. He opened each fireplace, cleaned the gas, checked for leaks, took out and cleaned the logs, changed the batteries in the remotes and added new "embers". He added blowers to two of the 4 fireplaces to help with heat distribution. He was here a total of 4 hours. Will be using them yearly for maintenance.

Mary E.

Everything went exceptionally well. We needed an inspector certified by the National Fireplace Institute; Amazing Flame had no problem arranging for a timely inspection. Mr. David Sanders arrived promptly, and immediately impressed us with his attention to cleanliness; e.g., cleaning each log as he removed it. The unit was over 25 years old, and of a design Mr. Sanders had not seen before, which provoked his suspicions. He verified that the unit was not only obsolete, but had been banned from Loudoun and Fairfax counties due to dangerous design elements. A total replacement was required, which would require a new connection installation by a licensed gas fitter. Since he could do no more, he clearly explained his recommendations for our next actions, and packed to leave. He said that since he could not really do a full service call, we had NO charge to pay. While we wish we had a different result, we remain very pleased with the service and professionalism provided by Amazing Flame.

Thomas V.

We had an old burner in our bedroom fireplace. During the last power failure it wouldn't light. I called and they sent a tech out quickly. I chose to replace the old burner with one that was remote-controlled. I got a reasonable estimate, and within a week the new one was installed and works great. My old burner was a 21" unit, but he recommended replacing it with a less expensive 18” unit, which he said was a better fit. That impressed me. Service was punctual, very friendly and courteous. Amazing Flame is now my go-to gas fireplace service company

Peter M.

Service rep arrived at the front end of two hr window, explained and demonstrated assessment of problem and range of solutions. Price was same as quoted on phone. Completwd service has in less than two hrs, which required blower replacement, great job cleaning up work area.

Gary W.

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