M Dierdorff

Great local owned company. We had always wanted to have a blower installed in our 12 yr old gas fireplace but the estimates were over $650. One day at Home Depot I saw a vehicle with the Amazing Flame logo, so I wrote it down and called. What a difference right away. The lady who answered the phone was extremely polite and helpful. We received a quote that was just about 1/2 of the previous quotes we got from competitors. They gave us a window of time for the service. Service guy was right on time! He was very courteous and friendly. Seemed very honest when we had asked him a few questions related to yearly service and such. He was very neat and clean when performing the service. He vacuumed up and left it cleaner than when he got there. He was quick and provided us with instruction on how to operate the blower. We have used the blower ever since and are extremely satisfied.