David Staulcup

The first winter after we moved into our home we realized our home builder failed to effectively insulate our fireplace. The draft was so bad that our immediate options were either to run the fireplace continuously or to disable it and add a sort of stuffing to reduce the draft. We opted for the latter and did not use or think about our fireplace for years. This summer, I finally set out to correct the issue. When I called Amazing Flame, I was quickly assured that you were knowledgeable about the situation and that a remedy could be implemented at an affordable cost. The lady who took my call and organized the work was friendly and informative. The technicians who performed the work seemed passionate about doing a quality job and seemed truly excited about the benefits we would enjoy. The guys me feel welcome to hang out with them and to learn more about the internals of the system.

We have been using the fireplace over the last few weeks and have greatly enjoyed the warmth and atmosphere it has added to our home. Today, being the first snow day of the season, it struck me that our feet were not at all cold when starting the fire!

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